Barn Manager - RiverPointe Farm - Bloomsbury, New Jersey Vicki Patterson

About Vicki Patterson

Currently, Vicki Patterson is living in Bloomsbury, New Jersey. When she is not managing and maintaining RiverPointe Farm, she spends her time cooking, going on fishing trips, taking drives, reading books, and planting in her garden. Additionally, Vicki Patterson enjoys working with animals, especially dogs and horses. Her favorite author is Dan Brown, and her favorite genre to read is mystery fiction. 

Vicki Patterson acquired her education at New Jersey City University, where she studied education and biology, with a focus on K-12 learning, and earned a Bachelor of Arts. Later, Vicki Patterson started her own business, RiverPointe Farm in Bloomsbury, New Jersey, where she currently holds the position of Barn Manager. Since 2009, she has been caring for farm animals such as horses, dogs, and sheep. She is an active member of the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society (GVHS). 

Vicki Patterson has a wide array of responsibilities each day, many of them involving the general care of animals, as well as general farm maintenance tasks. RiverPointe Farm raises not only sheep and horses, but also dogs. Patterson cares for 10 dogs as part of her everyday responsibilities, which involve feeding, walking, grooming, and cleaning the animals’ living space. She also takes pleasure in gardening, cooking, fishing, and reading. As a result of her leadership, RiverPointe Farm is expecting three foals in 2011 from three gypsy mare horses, which the Farm previously imported. 


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